What do I do if I don’t want to place my order online?
If you would rather talk to us directly to place your order, you can phone our store on 01494 523249. Simply call any time between 9am - 5pm 6 days a week. Alternatively, come and visit us at our High Wycombe showroom

How do I add something to my shopping basket?
Every product we sell has its own product detail page that offers a full description along with any key features and all pricing information. If your selected item has colour, size or other options, you will be able to choose your preference in a drop-down menu below the main description. You will also be able to choose the required quantity of each product at this stage. Clicking the ‘ADD TO BASKET’ icon is the next step which will add your choice to your basket.

Can I make changes to my order
If you want to make any changes to your order, e-mail us or telephone us on 01494 523249 for further assistance. We will do our best to help. Early alterations within a few days aren’t usually a problem. However, once the goods are in production with the manufacturer we are bound to accept them, so we may have to charge you a cancellation fee to cover costs. Please note that when merchandise is ordered at different times we cannot guarantee colour matching due to variations between batches. Changing an order may cause a delay with your delivery time and may alter the price you have been quoted.

Can you tell me the availability of a specific item?
Before you select a product to buy online or instore an indication of the current lead time for delivery can be given as a guide. Beadle and Crome cannot be held responsible for delays beyond our control. We will inform you as soon as we become aware of any changes in the time originally given when you placed your order.

Can I just pay a deposit?
If any item in your shopping basket has a lead time of 4 weeks or more and you have chosen to pay by debit or credit card, you may opt initially to pay a deposit which may be as low as 20% of your order value, with the final balance to be settled prior to delivery.

How do I pay my balance?
Generally payment is made before we deliver. However on a selection of furniture which is sold from stock a full payment is required when placing your order. Bedroom furniture, which is delivered direct to you from our suppliers, balances may be required up to 14 days before installation.

Will you assemble my furniture?
For most items delivered by our team, delivery and installation is included. However there are a few exceptions these may include hanging Mirrors, Wall mounting cabinets and permanently fixing furniture to the wall. We will always advise you of what is required at the point of ordering

How do I checkout?
Once you’ve selected all the items you wish to purchase please click the ‘YOUR BASKET’ button. This will present you with a choice to view your basket in more detail or proceed straight to checkout. Before proceeding through checkout you will be prompted to sign in, register or enter your password depending on if this is your first time shopping with us. We have worked to keep the registering and sign-in process as simple as possible but we do take your online security and privacy seriously and so we are careful to ask for account holder information at key stages in your buying process.

Do you deliver overseas?
If you wish you can nominate your own shipper. We can deliver to their UK mainland address, or they can collect from our central warehouse in High Wycombe.

How secure are my credit/debit card details?
All credit card numbers are encrypted when the order is placed using 256-bit encryption. Thereafter payment is collected through our online credit card system. There have been no documented cases of credit card fraud using our shopping system over the Internet.

I am looking for a particular product that is not listed on your website.
We do not always display our entire catalogue of furniture on our website. There are many combinations that are on display in our store. However, please do get in touch via our Contact Us page, as we always appreciate any feedback and suggestions that you may have.

Can you take my old furniture away?
For the small additional fee of £25, we’ll take away your old furniture when dropping off your lovely new pieces.
If the furniture you’d like removing is in a good condition, we’ll donate it to a local charity to be resold in their stores.

Where is my order?
If you wish to check the delivery of your order, call us on 01494 523249 for further assistance.

Can I nominate a day or time for delivery?
With limited storage facilities, we endeavour to deliver your order as swiftly as possible, usually no later than 7 days after it becomes available unless otherwise arranged at the point of ordering. When you order your furniture, we will give you an estimated delivery date. When your goods have been received at our warehouse, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time and day.

Do you price match?
Beadle and Crome believe in offering the very best value. In the unlikely event that you find the exact same item for sale elsewhere at a lower price, we will gladly match that price. All price match orders must be provided in writing.

How do I look after my new upholstery?
Always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions and only use products recommended by them.
Certain clothing, especially new items and in particular jeans, can transfer dye onto your suite. Please be careful with lighter coloured fabrics and leather.
Pile fabrics such as chenille and velvets flatten and crease with normal use. This causes the fabric to take on a lighter or darker appearance and is by no means a fault. Turning cushions along with the natural heat of the room will help revive the pile.
Plump and turn cushions daily to ensure longevity in maintaining the volume of them. Cushions containing natural feathers or man-made fibres need to be plumped up vigorously to retain their shape and comfort. It is normal for seat and back cushions to soften with use.
Suites should be brushed or vacuumed regularly to remove dust which acts as an abrasive and can cause the fabric to wear prematurely.
All fabric suites should be professionally cleaned regularly. And will require dressing on a daily basis.
When dealing with liquid spills, blot gently with a dry white cloth. Do not rub.
For dry spills, (i.e. Cigarette ash or dry cosmetics) adding any liquid to a normally dry substance may cause the satin to spread. Vacuum or gently wipe the area using a clean white cloth.
Avoid close contact with direct heat and sunlight. These will cause joints to dry out and fabrics and leathers to fade.
Do not sit on the arms or allow children/pets to mistreat your furniture.
Leather is a natural material so no two hides are ever alike. Any scars and natural markings in the hide are stronger than surrounding areas and are characteristics of genuine leather. Leather also has a tendency to stretch. Any creases that appear as a result of the leather stretching, especially on cushions, are quite normal. When cleaning always remove surface dust with a soft cloth. If the leather is soiled, use a damp cloth then wipe immediately with a dry soft cloth. Use a Leather Conditioner regularly to maintain the appearance of your leather upholstery.
Recliners may require some use before the actions will move freely. Some gaps between moving parts are to be expected to allow free movement.

How do I look after my new Cabinet Furniture?
Always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions and only use products recommended by them.
Use a soft lint-free cloth to gently dust your furniture.
Do not use detergents, silicone or spray polishes, they may leave a residue on the surface affecting the appearance.
Use oil every three to four months on oiled finishes.
Occasionally apply a little candle wax to moving parts such as drawers, table runners, etc.
Regularly check shelf support pins as they can work loose.
Use a natural cleaner or mild dishwashing detergent and warm water for cleaning furniture made from stone or travertine.
Wooden products change colour with exposure to natural and electric light. Make sure your furniture is not placed in permanent, direct sunlight, as this will cause timber movement and possible discolouration. Leave dining tables fully extended if possible to avoid vast colour differences.
Do not stand your furniture close to radiators or other heat sources and never store in damp or cold conditions.
Do not rock backwards or stand on dining chairs.
We recommend you use good quality table covers / mats to protect your cabinet furniture against water, heat and surface damage.
When moving furniture lift carefully, dragging will damage fixings and affect stability.
General care/maintenance may be periodically required in the form of tightening removal sections of your cabinet furniture i.e. Bolts on Table legs, door hinges etc to ensure units are levelled to avoid doors catching or movement caused by daily use.
Wood, stone and travertine are all natural materials so each product has unique characteristics.

How do I look after my new Bed?
Always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions and only use products recommended by them.