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hülsta Coffee Tableshülsta Coffee Tables
hülsta Coffee Tables
The hülsta coffee tables are not only stylish single units, but their design and finishes will also effortlessly match the versatile hülsta living and dining room ranges. Whichever wood, glass, high-gloss or lacquered fronts you select for your interiors, you will always find a matching coffee table.
now! coffee tablesnow! coffee tables
now! coffee tables
Fresh coffee works well with a beautiful table, so does a nice cup of tea, refreshing lemonade or cool long drinks. There are many different tastes and many different now! “coffee tables”, which offer space for lots of things: There is a choice of small tables, which allow you to use a laptop or tablet from the comfort of your sofa, functional design accessories, plain and complex versions...

now! easynow! easy
now! easy
Twelve different units. All of them good-looking, spacious and practical. Simple yet smart, they are ready for everything: designing, arranging, storing, changing things around. Modular living with now! easy is exceptionally versatile, as this pretty range allows you to wall-mount, stack and combine different units. It has no problem with rearranging, moving or following trends. Clean and simple lines,...
now! no.14now! no.14
now! no.14
Friends of good taste love the solid, super adaptable range: basically clear and straightforward, now! no.14 also has a playful, extravagant side and some cleverly integrated features in store. If you like, you can enjoy the whole spectrum offered by these modern design classics. Sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, sometimes monochrome, sometimes colourful and sometimes even all of this combined. Also...

now! spinnow! spin
now! spin
It looks refreshingly simple and yet there are still lots of functional surprises to be found in now! spin. Nothing is fixed: units that can be turned around convert a wall unit into a desk in a jiffy or allow you to look at things on your tablet when cosily tucked up in your bed. The integrated storage units inside the cupboard can also be converted – simply remove them, turn them around and...
now! timenow! time
On Display
now! time
Playing games, blowing bubbles or having Sunday lunch. now! time is ready for everything, including cuddling, relaxing, having discussions, spilling a drink, running into things and changing everything around every now and then. Flexible design and high quality as the furniture must stand up to the demands of daily life. For the sectors living, dining, sleeping and working there is choice of six different...

now! to gonow! to go
now! to go
now! to go works across all living areas: The timelessly simple individual units can create a living room combination, sideboard, home office, kitchen cupboard or a bathroom unit – next to one another or one after the other. The units are available in matt white with high-gloss white fronts or with veneered natural oak fronts with a slate grey carcase.
now! visionnow! vision
On Display
now! vision
Visions can help you change the world or at least your living room. However, we recommend: a healthy cocktail consisting of two parts of now! to one part of before. now! vision is like a good friend endearingly individual and always with you. Units and accents can be combined to create exciting or classic combinations that will last for years to come. No problem, if your bachelor pad turns into an...