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hülsta Gentis Livinghülsta Gentis Living
hülsta Gentis Living
Hulsta Gentis is on display in our showroom.  The Gentis range is very different from all other Hulsta living room ranges.  The high gloss carcase combined with high gloss fronts and accent colours in Walnut or Oak give the Gentis a sophisticated refined look whilst remaining elegant.  The effect of lighting makes the Gentis stand out from the crowd.  Gentis is available in White and Grey Matt or high gloss lacquer.  The accent colours are available in Natural Oak and Core Walnut also both are offered as a knotted finish.  
hülsta Mega Designhülsta Mega Design
hülsta Mega Design
Mega Design offers a clean and timeless design that can be perfectly combined with any interior.  The flexible storage solutions offered in this range are tailor made to suit your requirements.  As a versatile shelving system there is a wide choice of sliding and hinged doors, drawers and flaps. Mega Design is offered in White, Wool, Sand, Cocoa, and Grey Matt or high gloss lacquers.  there is also a choice of Natural Oak or Core Walnut wood finishes.  

hülsta Multi Varishülsta Multi Varis
hülsta Multi Varis
Versatility for the bedroom: The extensive ancillary unit range MULTI-VARIS impresses with a large selection of high-quality finishes in wood, lacquer and high-gloss. Carcases, fronts, compartments, handles, plinths and accents can be individually chosen to configure chests, sideboards or consoles, which can be used both as and single piece or to match other hülsta ranges.
hülsta Neohülsta Neo
hülsta Neo
Clean and simple lines, the Neo focuses on handle less fronts and crisp shapes.  There are many units to choose from in various sizes which can be freestanding, stacked or wall mounted.  Neo is offered in White, Grey and Cocoa matt and high gloss finishes. Available wood finishes are Natural Oak and Core Walnut.  

hülsta Nexohülsta Nexo
hülsta Nexo
This range has now been discontinued, these detail are for reference only, please contact Beadle and Crome for details of the new hülsta ranges.   
hülsta Scopiahülsta Scopia
hülsta Scopia
Versatile, colourful choice for contemporary living and perfectly equipped with modern functionality makes the Scopia a great choice for contemporary living.  Freestanding, suspended, open and closed units in many sizes offering plenty of scope for your individual ideas.  Scopia is offered in White, Wool White, Sand, Cocoa and Grey matt lacquers.  The accent colours are Old Rose, Terracotta,Pastel Green, Petrol and Teal Blue matt lacquers.