Nolte is one of the leading manufacturers of wardrobes and bedroom furniture ranges. Their enduring success is based on the continuous development and refinement of innovative and functional designs and ideas. Bespoke manufacturing processes allow them to respond to individual customer wishes.

In store, we help you to design your personal living space creatively and intuitively.

Nolte strives to help people fulfil their dream of a living space where they feel secure, comfortable and at peace – both with themselves and the people they care about. Reliability does not just mean uncompromising product quality but also being there for their customers whenever they are needed. 


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Horizont 8000 Modular Wardrobe SystemHorizont 8000 Modular Wardrobe System
In store exclusive
Horizont 8000 Modular Wardrobe System
Horizont 8000 collection represents the very best that bedroom systems have to offer. Thisis a range only sold insotre as it offers over 5000 different possbilirtes of eardrobe in sizes from 30cm - whatever size that you may require also in 3 heights ranging from 200, 225 and 242cm.This bright and breezy collection comes in a choice of style finishes and can be designed instore with Furnplan to provide...