Stressless, an Ekornes brand furniture, is a home luxury that provides sumptuous comfort to your back. A Stressless chair is an ideal seat after a long day at work when you need to truly relax in front of the TV. Not only do they feel incredible but they look sophisticated and suit most styles of home.  

We are a Stressless premier stockist and have been working in partnership with Stressless for over 25 years. In store, there is a floor dedicated to the Stressless brand displaying sofa groups, home cinema combinations and a vast selection of small, medium and large recliners chairs.

Our expertise will guide you through the process of selecting the right chair for you so you can enjoy sitting comfortably well into the future.

Occassional Tables


At Ekornes, the efforts they make every day aren’t done because they simplify a process, or because they cut a cost. They are done because it is in the best interest of the people they care for: families, friends, fellow Norwegians and Ekornes customers.

They reuse materials for practical purposes to cut back on the need for additional resources – resources that could be put to better use. Instead of tossing scraps in landfills, they recycle them to meet our needs. Take for example the gorgeous European beech used for Stressless chair bases. The excess wood chips are collected and burned to produce the heat used in our facilities, cutting back on energy needs and protecting the forests surrounding us. Or the scrap leathers stretched for sofas and chairs collected and sold to companies to create smaller products so nothing goes to waste.